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Quickly gain thorough details about your CPU and push it to the limits for extra performance with this powerful benchmarking utility. Pushing your hardware beyond its default capabilities can often lead to permanent damage. However, if carefully managed, it can considerably increase performance. SetFSB is a reliable system information and overclocking application aimed exclusively at advanced users, due to the fact that, if used incorrectly, it may cause damage to your computer.

More performance with higher speed
SetFSB deals with adjustments for the Front Side Bus of the system, which connects the CPU to the main memory. Its speed is measured in MegaHertz and can vary from 60 to 400 and even more, the higher the speed, the better.

Mostly targeted towards experienced users
Although traditionally, the FSB speed is set from BIOS or via jumpers placed on the motherboard, the modern age has brought third-party software that can accomplish this operation without much effort. The process of modifying the FSB to a higher speed is called overclocking, which is also the main purpose of SetFSB.

In order to use the application properly and to take full advantage of its perks, advanced computer and hardware knowledge is required. SetFSB relies on your expertise and wisdom to perform a danger free overclocking operation, which may result in better computer performance.

Quickly get thorough CPU details
First off, select the clock generator specific to your motherboard and press the 'Get FSB' button. As a result, the application displays the frequency of the FSB, DDDR, AGP and PCI devices, values that you can adjust further using the dedicated sliders.

Constantly keep an eye on system parameters
As you're performing this operation, it is recommended to carefully monitor system parameters such as temperature and CPU frequency. Furthermore, you can perform a diagnosis operation that involves a forced modification of PLL and SMBus registers.

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